Ben Cardoso is a Cuban born, award winning, International artist.  In 1961 Ben and his family moved to South Florida from Cuba.   To detract from the drastic changes in his life, Ben was given a small metal box containing an oil painting starter set.  Almost instinctively, painting became Ben’s means to express himself. Three years later, the family relocated to Connecticut where he grew up and completed Higher Education (BA and MS). 

Ben’s corporate career brought him and his family internationally however, he continued painting and connected with the community of artists in each country.  He actively exhibited and sold his paintings in Greece, Kenya, Venezuela and Mexico for over 25 years. He retired from The Coca-Cola Co. and settled in Safety Harbor, Florida.

The cultures and surroundings where he lived have influenced his body of work.  His paintings are described as colorful and bold.  They tell a story which captures the interest of the viewers alluring them to keep coming back to discover nuances.  Ben’s preferred medium is acrylic.  He reflects his themes in different styles and techniques while maintaining a recognizable common strength and vibrancy. 

“I want my work to connect with the observer triggering a playful yet intriguing mood sparked by the colors and composition.” 

 Ben often works with clients to create unique, commissioned paintings to compliment home décor and style. Two of his commissioned pieces were selected as logo types for private enterprises. He also accepts commissions for portraits of people and pets.

Ben’s paintings have been regularly exhibited in local venues and Galleries. He exhibited in StPete Artworks for five years, a year in Suntan Gallery in St Pete Beach and Sterling Gallery and Studio in Dunedin.

Professional Memberships:  The Exhibiting Society of Artists (TESA) Board Member, Coalition of Hispanic Artists (CHA), Paint Your Heart Out Safety Harbor (PYHOSH), Board Member, International Society of Acrylic Painters (ISAP), Pinellas’ Plein Air Artist Group, Art Circuits Association of South Florida, Golf Coast Artists Alliance and GAHA Art Center.    In 2019 Ben was awarded "Tampa Bay Hispanic Artist of the Year" by the Hispanic Heritage and awarded a recognition for "Hispanic Cultural Legacy" by the Foundation Nuestra America.